Friday, January 21, 2011

Authors for Queensland Auction

a mother & father
lift theirs to safety
& are swept away

a small boy
saves his brother
the great wet rages

searching soldiers form a line
with broken hearts &
sombre faces

The Queensland flood disaster has devastated Australia. People worldwide are donating to the flood effort, including us writers. Please bid online here for the Queensland flood writers auction. I've donated two signed copies of my poetry collection 'Gil Scott Heron is on Parole' (Picaro Press, 2010), which you can bid for here. Get in quick - the auction closes on Monday (Jan 24, 2010). Alternatively, you can donate money directly here. Please, dig deep.


  1. This is a beautiful appeal Maxine, I will pray

  2. For a moment I thought you said 'I will pay' :)

  3. There are too many hurt people Maxine, even if I gave it all, there would still be too many, so I do one cause at a time, use to be fr children now it is for abused animal...I don't usely send money for people affected by nature's rebellion, I don't know why....

  4. What happened to those people is too awful. Your poem is very moving and lets hope people dig deep - it is so good to see so many people helping out in whatever way they can - has restored my faith in human nature (a little bit ;) )

  5. I was just messing with you Lorraine - there's so much suffering in the world that it's difficult to decide where to give that little extra most of us really don't have. And comparatively (floods in South America recently claimed HUNDREDS of lives), we're doing okay here.

    Gabrielle - yeah, it's at times like these that we realise what really might be possible on a daily basis if we were all a little kinder to each other, unconditionally.