Monday, September 19, 2011

Dodgy Haiku & Coffee with Saul

Okay, so during Overload Poetry Festival last week we held a competition for the WORST haiku on the subject 'Death By Poetry'.
"We are giving away coffee with African-American hip hop poetry god Saul Williams to one lucky Slam Up Overloaded reader... Of course, we’re poets, and ‘coffee with Saul Williams’ might not ummm...carry it’s literal meaning. So what we ACTUALLY have to give away is a brand spanking new copy of Saul Williams poetry book Said the Shotgun to the Head, paired with a posh bag of authentic Turkish coffee. I know. Sorry ladies...and gentlemen. Sly. But amusing also, right?"

Well, it seems a lot of readers were put off by our sense of humour. Seriously, get over it people. If I had a date with Saul, you really think I'd raffle it off to a really BAD haiku-writer.

But there still has to be a winner, right. And our judge, Melbourne writer Alec Patric picked one. Patric said: 'And the award goes to....
Words exploding in head
like bullets
by Koraly Dimitriadis.
For the expert deployment of cliche and the cheesy reference to Saul's head and shotgun.'

Sadly, I vetoed the prize for Koraly as she is one of Slam Up Overloaded's reviewers. so next in line was  M.R.Vavala for:
no effort needed
Haiku isn't poetry
rather be slammin'

Congratulations M.R. Vavala, for writing crap haiku! Email your postal details to for coffee with Saul.

Check the comment stream here to see how bad things got. Not nearly bad enough it seems, cause all our readers were off having a sook.